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Welcome to Behavioural Referrals Ltd Veterinary Practice

Behavioural Referrals offers a referral service in small animal behavioural medicine.

Dr. Sarah Heath and her supporting team, offer a comprehensive service in the diagnosis, treatment and management of behavioural disorders. The tailor-made behavioural modification programmes are complemented by a practical follow up service provided by the team of rehabilitation trainers.

  • All work that we do is based upon up to date scientific evidence.
  • We only use positive, reward based methods.
  • We do not approve of the use of aversive techniques or gadgets, such as shock collars, rattle cans and choke chains.
  • Behavioural Referrals will only accept behavioural cases that have been referred by a veterinary surgeon.

Leagal Advice

If you are in need of leagal advice. we recommend that you visit Cooper and Co Solicitors at their website for more information and details on how to contact them

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