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Billy came to us at 9months old having spent his early months in the show ring. He became an absolute nightmare in a very short time. He was aggressive towards everything, other dogs, people and he would even bark and lunge at passing buses and cars. It became impossible to walk him outside. Many tears were shed during this period and we thought long and hard about his future with us. He may only be a little Lhasa Apso but he was more than capable of inflicting a serious bite on an innocent passer by or hurting another dog. We were heartbroken but quite honestly felt he would have to be put too sleep. We simply couldn't cope with him. We had a chat to our vet who suggested a referral to your practice.

After an in depth discussion about his behaviour, history and the way we handled him as a family, Sarah diagnosed his problem and put a training programme in place. Essentially he hadn't been socialised in his early weeks and months and was absolutely terrified of everything we see as normal. The training was quite intense and you have to be 100% committed as it isn't a quick fix but what an amazing difference it made to Billy. We can now walk him out side and he can even be off lead in the park. We still have a couple of issues to address but on the whole he is a lovely little dog and a pleasure to have around. If we hadn't had your advice, heaven knows what Billy's future would have been. Our methods of helping him although well meant were naive to say the least and just served to reinforce the bad behaviour.

So thank you for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you!