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Blue Dog Interactive CD
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Blue Dog Interactive Game CD

Blue Dog CD

Owning a dog has many scientifically proven benefits for humans - including child development. However, we must recognise potential hazards and try to minimise the risks of children and animals living alongside one another. Evidence shows that most dog bites involving children occur within the home, by a dog that is familiar to them. Educating young children is the key to reducing this risk.

The package contains an interactive CD for use with children between 3 and 6 years of age. It is accompanied by a printed guide for parents and teachers, to enable them to enhance and build on their childs learning experience. Fun scenes make it popular with children as they absorb the lessons while enjoying play.

The Blue Dog CD is an essential item for any family with young children and dogs.

£8.00 with FREE UK P&P.
£10.75 with packaging and postage outside the UK.

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