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When Sarah Heath first came out to see Bradley, Shih Tzu 13 months, he was a nervous wreck despite my best attempts at socialising him at an early age. He had started barking and showing aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, and barking at people. He would scream and cry if I left him alone and would follow me everywhere. Walking him was becoming very stressful and nerve wracking as he would try and take on even the biggest dogs.

Sarah helped me understand that he was not actually aggressive, just a very sensitive dog. With her and Rosie's help they have taught me how to understand him and help him gain more confidence. They helped me move him from sleeping in my bedroom to now happily sleeping by himself, something which I had tried to do and failed miserably, and also how to help him interact with other dogs.

He is now such a happy little dog - he is happiest in front of the fire and doesn't even wake up when I leave the room! I also walk him with four other dogs who he interacts with lovely. He has a waggy tail for everyone he meets. I will be forever grateful to Sarah and Rosie for the help they gave me and Bradley.