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Jake is a 5 year old long haired German Shepherd with such a funny character. He's a hugely lovable dog and I wouldn't be without him. My personal favourite of his talents is his singing along to the house phone. However at a young age I started to notice he had a problem with strangers. He would react negatively whenever he met someone he didn't know. He would behave aggressively. It was very difficult for me to accept - I was ashamed. When I would tell people about his behaviour I was always asked "was he a rescue dog?" because if he was - I couldn't be to blame could I? Something must have happened to make him so fearful and act the way he did. In the end I decided it was better for me to limit his contact to only those he knew and trusted. Walking him could be a nightmare and vet appointments filled me with dread.

It was at one such vet appointment that I was told about the Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice. I had always imaged that such personal training would be out of my means financially but I was pleased to learn that my pet insurance company covered the costs.

I was apprehensive in the first sessions. The trainers would meet Jake at my home. He was not used to this whatsoever being so territorial and I must admit the first sessions left me quite exhausted seeing him act out. However I was provided with a mass of information and insight to his behaviour. There were so many things that I had been doing that hadn't been helping him, like tightening my grip on his lead on walks when I was uneasy - I was sending him signals to be fearful without even realising it.

Gradually as the sessions progressed I must say I saw a great improvement in Jake. I'm better equipped now in knowing how to handle situations and see things from his point of view, how best to keep him calm and how to praise him when he's successful in a situation that may have been very difficult for him.

BRVP have numerous trainers that Jake has had the pleasure of meeting. Sarah, Tricia, Ali and Rosie have all met Jake and all are impressively skilled and knowledgeable. I would like to thank each personally for the insight and tips that I have been provided with that have made my life with what some would describe a "difficult" dog far more manageable and enjoyable.

Oh - and they all said he was gorgeous which flattered me heaps - though I guess I could be biased!