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COVID-19 Update

During the pandemic the team made the decision to not run our classes. Our main priority is always the safety of you, our clients, and our team members. We always strive to give a gold standard service, which we feel we would not be able to offer currently with social distancing in our set up. With the new laws and restrictions changing on a weekly basis, we are not able to guarantee 6 consecutive classes which our package includes.

Although we are not running our classes, we still wanted to be able to support owners with their new puppy’s, we therefore decided to take our puppy apprenticeship scheme virtual! This course can cover the same elements as the classes, just on a one to one basis. We can also advise on creating positive experiences for your puppy within the current limitations. The current restrictions for Chester allows us to run the puppy apprenticeship scheme at Oak Bank Stables. As the package is one-to-one we can ensure that social distancing is followed at all times, face masks are required, and we have sanitising stations located on the premises. (We will keep you up to date if new restrictions come into place.)

If you would like to discuss the current options further, please contact the office on 01244 377 365.

Download our advice leaflets below to find out more.

Advice for all clients

Advice for all kitten owners

Advice for all puppy owners

Advice for veterinary practices

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice offers a referral service in small animal behaviour medicine. Practice Principal Sarah Heath BVSc PgCertVE DipECAWBM(BM) CCAB FRCVS is both an RCVS and an EBVS ® European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine as well as a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist. She was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in recognition of her work in establishing behavioural medicine as a veterinary discipline. Sarah and the supporting team of veterinary surgeons, offer a comprehensive service in the diagnosis, treatment and management of behavioural disorders. The tailor-made behavioural modification programmes are complemented by a follow up service provided by the team of rehabilitation trainers.

  • Behavioural Referrals will only accept behavioural cases that have been referred by a veterinary surgeon.
  • We only use positive, reward based methods.
  • We do not approve of the use of aversive techniques or gadgets, such as shock collars, rattle cans and choke chains.

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