Dog appeasing pheromone is a synthetic analogue of the natural pheromone which is produced by lactating bitches and signals to the puppies that they are safe and secure. In adulthood this pheromone helps to confirm a state of safety and relaxation and is therefore a very useful adjunct to behavioural modification. A reduction in emotional arousal helps to increase the success of the behavioural treatment plan by alleviating the damaging effects of anxiety on learning and memory. 

It is important for the diffuser to be switched on 24 hours a day so that the oil carrier heats to the correct temperature to allow diffusion of the dog appeasing pheromone into the environment. It is advised to remove any other air fresheners from the room as these may interfere with the action of the Adaptil diffuser. After approximately one month of use the diffuser will need to be refilled. Please ensure the diffuser does not run dry by looking at the colour of the wick at the top of the device, rather than looking at the side of the bottle. When the wick turns from a dark brown to a lighter rusty colour the device needs to be refilled even when there is still some residual fluid in the container.