Stanley’s history starts abandoned, starving & near death in a bus shelter before being rescued by the RSPCA. Four years ago he found his forever home with us and for a year all was good. Whilst never the most confident of cats, it was only when an overly friendly neighbours cat came in and started eating his food did his behavioural issues start. For 18 months he suffered from anxiety, FLUTD & blocking before seeing Sarah & Behavioural Referrals. The decision to refer was easy, his life was very stressful and his constant urine marking inside meant ours was too.

Sarah changed his life. Identifying a long term chronic back condition alongside his anxiety, she recommended changes to his routine and via medication his anxiety was managed so we saw the Stanley we love again.
Stanley’s life is not an easy one but because of Sarah & Behavioural Referrals it’s one he is living in a calmer, happier and more confident manner allowing him to spend his time doing all his favourite things, sniffing, sleeping & chasing balls. He is one very special lucky boy.